Local Market

Most properties on Guernsey form the ‘Local Market’. If you meet certain criteria, you may be eligible to live in property which is designated as being Local Market housing. Residence in such homes is typically restricted to those who:

  • Are Qualified Residents through meeting specific local residency requirements, either by birth or through a period of continuous residence on the island; or
  • Are in possession of a Housing Licence

To find out more about living on the Local Market, visit http://gov.gg/liveinlocalmarket. 

Open Market

Guernsey established a two tier market shortly after the end of the Second World War as a way of ring fencing the greater part of the island’s housing stock for the indigenous community. A register was then opened for properties that were exempt from ‘housing control’. These totalled about 1,750 homes at the time the Register was closed in 1982. There are few restrictions placed on those seeking to buy Open Market houses and entry to the Island is a relatively simple matter for those wishing to make Guernsey their place of residence. 

Generally speaking, the cost of Open Market housing is higher than its Local Market equivalent. The differential between the two markets varies according to demand and they do not necessarily move in sync with each other as they’re influenced by different factors.

It is rare for an adult living on the Open Market to become a Qualified Resident, however children of adults living on the Open Market may become Qualified Residents in their own right over the passage of time.

For more information, visit http://gov.gg/openmarket.