Get Ahead - Get Alert

Do you want to be the first person to be aware of a new instruction - automatically - straight to your phone/tablet/PC?
If you're a serious purchaser/tenant give yourself the best chance to get ahead of the pack. Register for automatic alerts from the Martel Maides website. It's easy;

1) Click on the 'My Martel Maides' on the top line of our website
2) Put in your email address (the one you wish the alerts to go to)
3) Enter a password

You will then be able to enter your property criteria. We would suggest a very broad set of parameters to begin with - something like 'Local Market price range £300K - £450K'. The more detailed you make the criteria the fewer properties you will get. Some users just put a price range and leave it at that!

4)Then name your Alert - for example 'Alert One' or 'My Martel Maides Property Alert' and tick 'Create Alert'
You can create as many alerts as you wish - name them differently though! If you wish to receive our newsletters tick the relevant box.

5)Tick the security/privacy boxes.
6) You're done!

Now as soon as a property is made available - you'll get an email alerting you that a property matching your details has come to the market, and a direct link to the details.

Use My Martel Maides to get ahead of the rest!

Image courtesy of Philo Nordlunds