Over the course of the last three days, Martel Maides Director Keith Enevoldsen played host to a camera crew in the island who were filming for a property search series shown on USA television. The series, called House Hunters International, features a young ‘licenced’ couple moving to the island from London who go on to find out how the island’s property market works and what they can get for their money – all in the expert hands of Mr Enevoldsen!

The programme highlights their likes and dislikes of three properties selected by Keith, that he hopes may suit their taste and a budget set at around 1 million USD (about £600,000 to £650,000). The film crew, headed by film director Bill Pegram, were filming in Nepal the week before flying into Guernsey, which they found much more comfortable with proper houses and infrastructure. Next week they are off to Turkmenistan !

Needless to say the couple were delighted to ‘buy’ one of the three properties that Keith showed them. Having actually moved over here a couple of years ago, their move to Guernsey has been a happy and successful one. Keith, meanwhile, is awaiting his call to Hollywood …. but in the meantime if you want bask in the reflected limelight of the island’s most successful (and photogenic!) property agents, please give us a call – t. 713463.