Martel Maides have been offering the Guernsey House Doctor service for over ten years and have, over that time, assisted many vendors to maximise the price of their property, and often the speed of the sale.

Where a property has been on the market for a substantial time without selling, we can identify potential reasons and offer advice on how to resolve them. 

The Guernsey House Doctor service is run by our most experienced sales staff who, drawing on their extensive experience in selling and valuing property, are able to provide you with unbiased and professional advice. 

Often there are simple fixes such as small improvements to the property’s exterior appearance and decoration that can be made at little or no additional expense. We are also able to make recommendations on whether or not more significant upgrades or renovations would likely improve your property’s resale value. 

We can advise on whether it’s advantageous to apply for planning and whether to alter boundaries and parking areas.

For apartments we will look at internal and external decoration and communal areas, and decide on the target market and how best to achieve a sale.

Call us on 713463 and ask for The Guernsey House Doctor Service. A lifeline for your property sale.